Wife Swap Brexit Special viewers hit out at show over class ‘stereotypes’

The show filmed in the wake of the European Union Referendum saw two families from either side of the Brexit argument sharing their views on the debate that has left the nation divided.

Barmaid Pauline from Canvey Island, Essex swapped homes with psychotherapist and Green Party councillor Kate from Nottinghamshire for three nights.

During their brief spell away in each other’s homes, they shared their views about Brexit, however there appeared to be a clear divide.

Kat and her family appeared to be middle class, while Pauline as well as her husband and daughter identified as working class.

A number of audience members felt that the disparity in class did not help the Channel 4 show and seemed to look down on the latter.

One person posted: “Battling with the bailiffs next? What’s with the complete vilification of the working class tonight? #wifeswap.”

While a second wrote on Twitter: “Middle-class arrogant sense of entitlement living in a luxury setting V salt-of-the-earth working class brits who feel ignored! #wifeswap.”(sic)

“These couples are just stereotypes of either side of the argument. They made this about class and doesn’t do anyone any favours. #WifeSwap,” added a third.

A fourth said: “This would be 1000x better if it were about sharing & understanding differing views on Brexit, and not about class & stereotypes #wifeswap.”

However, one viewer pointed out that the families were chosen because the Brexit vote had a large social divide when it came to voting lines.  

“Can’t help but feel they’ve been very selective about the Leaver family? Large social divide element is no coincidence #wifeswap,” the user tweeted.

The criticism comes as one scene saw a Remain voter hitting out Pauline for her decision to vote out.

Express.co.uk has contacted a spokesperson for Channel 4 in regards to these reports.

Wife Swap: Brexit Special is available to watch on Channel 4’s on demand service All4. 

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