WATCH: Phil Mitchell's doppelgänger pops up during ITV's General Election coverage

Of course, Steve McFadden didn’t really appear on the ITV News broadcast, but someone who looked a lot like him did. 

Whilst Paul Brand gave the latest updates on the General Election yesterday one Twitter user became distracted, choosing instead to notice the lookalike that stood behind the journalist. 

They posted to their account: “Looking forward to getting Phil Mitchell’s take on the snap election #GE17 #EastEnders.”

Sadly for EastEnders’ fans, Phil Mitchell was not making his debut into British politics as the man was just a convincing doppelgänger for the soap stalwart. 

Far from being politically engaged, poor Phil has been through the mill on EastEnders of recent months. 

After having an affair with his brother’s ex Sharon, the Mitchell was left for dead. 

On top of that, he has faced a battle with alcoholism, been shot and fallen out with almost everyone in Albert Square. 

This comes after Coronation Street‘s car garage has received hilariously bad reviews on Google Maps.

Kevin Webster’s (played by Michael Le Vell) business has been at the centre of drama, even being a murder scene in one instance. 

Hilarious reviewers left fake comments about the garage, saying things like: “Over-priced, staff always going missing, Kevin constantly moaning.”

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC One at 7:30pm. 

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