The Loch: Who is the secret KILLER? Actress Laura Fraser makes worrying confession

Fraser stars as local policewoman Annie Redford as she takes on her first murder case in the notoriously peaceful town, Loch Ness. 

The remote community is shaken to its core when the body of Niall Swift is found at the foot of Carn Mohr Mountain while an isolated human heart is uncovered on the shore.

However, Fraser, 40, has admitted she couldn’t be a farther cry from her sleuth character, admitting she can’t keep up with televised murder mysteries.

“I am the worst,” she told the Sunday Post. “I am absolutely hopeless and can watch something for a second time and still not know.

“I can re-watch something, forgetting we had already seen it a year before, then get to the last part and still can’t remember who did it.”

The Loch: How many episodes are in The Loch, what time is it on? 

As for The Loch, which was welcomed with a rapturous reception when it debuted to 5 million viewers last week, the Scottish-born mother-of-one elaborated on the secret to its success.

“I like that idea of a paper-thin veneer of civilisation. And when that is suddenly ripped apart by these murders it’s shocking,” she enthused.

The Loch also stars Happy Valley’s Siobhan Finneran, EastEnders star Don Gillet and former Coronation Street murderer Gray O’Brien. 

The Loch continues tonight at 9pm on ITV

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