Stranger Things season 2: David Harbour drops HUGE Hopper spoiler

David Harbour, who plays Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper, suggested that change was afoot for his character in the new run.

The 43-year-old US actor said that Hopper would be going on a “different arc” in the second run and that his character could be put at risk.

In a video interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harbour explained: “He’s a different man than he was in season one and he gets to go on a different arc. 

“The first season he really sort of discovered why he was dead inside and like how he was finding his way out and he kind of came to life. And so in the second season, his arc is very different.”

He went on to say: “We start with a man who has sort of become heroic in a certain way, right? I mean he still has some of his stuff but he has gone on this heroic journey and now sort of the beginning of the [first] episode, we start examining the perils of what it is to be a hero or perhaps the fantasies that you have about yourself and the dangers of that. 

“And that subtle arc takes him in a different direction which, I think, is equally satisfying but very, very different.”

The executive of the Netflix show also confirmed that Barb (played by Shannon Purser) would not be returning to the show despite becoming an unlikely fan favourite.

Levy explained in a Facebook live session: “We are going to do things that fans will ultimately be disappointed in but I think they will be more satisfied by.” 

He also teased the second season, saying it will be much “darker and scarier” than the first instalment and that no one is safe as the story.

Stranger Things season 2 lands on Netflix on October 31. 

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