Sir Cliff Richard slammed by viewers for appearing on The One Show despite suing the BBC

The 76-year-old – who is in the process of suing the Broadcasting Corporation over their handling of a police raid on his home over allegations of historical sexual assault – still appeared on the show to promote his new album Just Fabulous Rock n Roll, which comes out tomorrow.

Presenter Alex Jones couldn’t resist pointing out that she had “never had a guest on the show who is currently suing the BBC”.

She told Sir Cliff: “Now, this is a bit awkward! We’ve never had a guest on the show who is trying to sue the BBC.

“Sometimes they’ve tried to sue before and sometimes after but never like this!

“A lot of people must be thinking ‘Why are you sitting here on the sofa?’ But what is your relationship with the BBC like?”

Sir Cliff then replied to say that his relationship with the BBC is “just fine” and that he’s a fan of The Archers; which is aired on BBC Radio 4.

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to discuss the “awkward” chat, with people slamming Sir Cliff for appearing on the show in the first place.

One person posted: “Oh What happened to Cliff suing the BBC for covering the raid on his house? On ‘The One Show’ tonight flogging his new album & tour….”

“Funny how Cliff Richard forgets his little spat with the BBC and goes on The One Show when he’s got a record to sell,” a second posted.

Another went on: “Sues the BBC, but goes on to plug his record on the one show #bbc #cliffrichard.”

As one blasted: “I thought Cliff Richard was suing the BBC over his child abuse allegations? He’s on the One Show bold as brass. WTF is he doing?”

The One Show continues tomorrow at 7pm on BBC One.

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