Ruth and Eamonn RUSHED OFF air as This Morning descends into chaos

The pair, along with most of the crew, suddenly abandoned the ITV studio in the middle of the show.

Luckily, it was all in jest as entertainment correspondent Rylan Clark-Neal led everyone to a nearby pub to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Halfway through a cooking segment with chef Phil Vickery, Rylan, 28, was heard telling his co-star: “Something doesn’t feel right. It’s St Patrick’s Day, should we go to the pub?”

He then led Ruth, 57, and Eamonn, 58, to a local establishment and the rest of the production crew followed hot on their heels.

The mass exodus was followed by an ad break after which the This Morning team were in the pub and getting merry as they sipped on some pints of Guinness.

During their time in the pub, Ruth was presented with a birthday cake and the celebrations really got underway.

Today’s episode of This Morning proved to be an eventual affair as Ruth was left enraged by controversial model Josie Cunningham, who was on the show to talk about her new plans to get a second breast augmentation that would be funded by sugar daddies.

If the topic of conversation was not provocative enough, Josie then started flirting with Eamonn and hinted that he should become one of her sugar daddies.

“I’ve got three sugar daddies at the moment, the eldest being 65. I get nice gifts in exchange for company, phone call conversations. I may take the 65-year-old the odd bit of bacon,” she explained.

Eamonn was taken aback by Josie’s throwaway comment and asked: “If I bring you a bacon sandwich, you’ll call me?”

“Oh Eamonn, you can call me any time!” she exclaimed, leaving Ruth less than impressed. 

But Josie did not stop there, she mischievously quipped: “I’d be giving you anything you wanted if you paid for my boob job!” 

Her comments left Ruth looking efuming as she tried to suppress her emotions and carry on with the interview. 

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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