New radio thriller to follow Polish woman raped in Wales the day after Brexit result

The thriller – set to air on Radio Cymru – focuses on a Polish girl who was raped and found unconscious in Llanelli, just one day after the UK decided to leave the European Union.

The radio show follows how the girl teams up with her Welsh/ Polish translator to get revenge on the person who raped her.

Discussing the storyline, the writer, Ian Rowlands said: “It’s a commentary on the effect of Brexit on the Polish community. The girl and the translator decide to get revenge on the person who raped her.

Following reports that hate crime across the UK increased following the European referendum, Ian admitted he want to show how “wonderful” the people from Poland are.

He said: “The Polish are such wonderful people I wanted to show how they can benefit Welsh society.

“I came to know Polish people in Carmarthen [Wales] the way you come to know anyone, they work here and live here, and I choose to speak to them. They are such hardworking fantastic people.”

The aftermath of the Brexit result made Ian change his radio programme.

He continued: “I was writing the drama before Brexit, and it was unfocused, but when Brexit happened I couldn’t believe it. It was such a shock, and polarised our society, there were elements I didn’t think people felt, xenophobia, which shook me.”

The drama premiers tonight on Radio Cymru at 11.45am.

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