Neighbours spoiler: Is Mark Brennan about to STEAL Paige Smith's baby?

The pair are growing closer together once more after they have both had a turbulent couple of months in Erinsborough. 

Mark (played by Scott McGregor) recently lost his baby as Sonya (Eve Moray), who was carrying the child, tragically lost the baby. 

He cozied up to Sonya after his relationship with Steph (Carla Bonner) went awry, but now that has also ended. 

Things haven’t been much better for Paige (Olympia Valance) as she has found herself pregnant by Father Jack Callahan (Andrew James Morely). 

Things have been tense with the pair as Jack has already been suspended once for his relationship with Paige, and has now been trying to keep a distance from her. 

As Mark and Paige have found solace in each other, Neighbours fans can’t help but wonder if the Brennan brother is leading her down the path. 

Still grieving from the loss of his baby, fans think the worst will happen, with one tweeting: “Oh Mark’s totally stealing that baby #Neighbours.”

Another added: “Mark will probably end up kidnapping Paige’s baby or something. #Neighbours.”

A third agreed, saying: “I’d appreciate Mark if he was actually helping Paige, but he’s using her to get to her baby what a d**k head #Neighbours.”

Neighbours airs weekdays on Channel 5 from 1:45pm. 

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