Grace Jones was utterly incredible within 10 seconds of appearing on Jonathan Ross

As Jonathan Ross positioned himself to interview the performer, who is best known for her distinctive style taste, he asked her how she continues to be the centre of attention.

He said: “I think people are sometimes a bit scared of you in advance, or they have a very strong preconception of what you’re going to be like.

“You must have to deal with that when walking into a room with new people all the time.”

Just seconds later Grace Jones, 69, took everyone by surprise, shouting “well I just do the opposite of what they expect” as she threw herself on top of Jonathan Ross’s desk.

Acting like a cat she pretended to claw at his face before once again jumping off the furniture and letting out one final roar before retaking her seat on the sofa.

The host looked completely shocked by Grace Jones’s abrupt actions and took a few seconds to regain his composure.

However, the audience and viewers loved the entertainer’s unanticipated behaviour.

The audience cheered the industry icon while people watching at home expressed their views on Twitter.

One person called her “utterly incredible,” while another described her as “magnificent”.

Meanwhile, a third said she was “the eighth wonder of the world.”

The singer, actor and all round entertainer was appearing on the ITV show to promote a documentary about her life called “Floodlight and Bami”.

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