Gordon Ramsay UPSETS Ruth Langsford as he annihilates her baking: 'I've gone off you'

The straight-talking chef appeared to discuss his upcoming show, Culinary Genius, after a planned appearance on yesterday’s show was cancelled due to Theresa May’s snap General Election announcement. 

However, Ruth and her co-host Eamonn Holmes recorded the interview and showed it on today’s show. 

Keen to show off her new baking skills, Ruth asked Gordon for his honest opinion of her Easter meringue. 

The 50-year-old chef began his criticism, saying: “First of all, the colour is dreadful. You need to put a touch of lemon juice in the egg white to keep it nice and stiff and bright white.”

He didn’t stop there though, adding: “They haven’t raised enough so its going to be too chewy inside. It would be like eating a bar of sugar.”

It was at this point that Ruth decided to hit back at Gordon, telling him that she “tried really, really hard” at her attempt. 

The 57-year-old began: “[Meringue’s] supposed to be a bit chewy. 

“Can I just say I’m really hurt actually because that was my first ever meringue. I like cooking but I can’t bake and I tried really really hard,” Ruth opposed. 

Trying to make light of the situation, husband Eamonn stepped in to remind Ruth that they “should have bought one” instead of trying to make a meringue. 

Clearly having none of it, Ruth snapped back: “Don’t you start, it was delicious.”

However, Gordon wasn’t done there and tried to go in again, asking Eamonn if he had tried the meringue in question. 

A fired-up Ruth replied before Eamonn even could, saying: “Don’t ask with such surprise, ‘Did you eat it?’

“I’ve gone right off you, I liked you before this,” Ruth finished. 

The presenter’s woes didn’t stop there as she was left with a nasty cut on her finger during a cooking segment with Gordon that went awry. 

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