Close to the Enemy episode 1 review: An intriguing and intense first instalment

Set in London ruins following the Second World War, Close to the Enemy follows Captain Callum Ferguson as he tries to convince a German engineer to work for the British government.

Opening with the arrival of jet engineer Dieter and his daughter Lotte in England, it sets an ominous tone and suggests there is danger lurking ahead.

Lotte is frightened and lonely as she is pulled from her home country and taken to a hotel where her father is entertained in order to persuade him to cooperate with the army.

But amidst the fear and uncertainty is Jim Sturgess’ suave Callum, who lifts the spirits of the youngster as he insists her favourite meals are made for dinner and buys her a new dress.

Callum is confident that he can convince Dieter to work with him and, following the first episode, it wouldn’t be surprising if viewers called for him to take on the role of James Bond.

Furthermore, he’s charming and good looking – a quality which does not go unnoticed by the wife of his best friend, Rachel Lombard (Charlotte Riley) as they dine together.

It’s clear from the start that there is a spark between the two and it seems the pair will fall head over heels for one another with director Stephen Poliakoff previously telling press, including, that the series will “follow a love story”.

But it’s not Callum or Rachel who steal the show – that award goes to Angela Bassett.

The actress gives a stellar performance as the confident and talented Eva, the lead singer in the band for the Connington Hotel’s club, who has big plans for the dilapidated establishment.

And the incredible cast does not end there. Game of Thrones fans will be both surprised and pleased to see Alfie Allen make an appearance as the hotel’s manager Ringwood.

It is refreshing to see him take a more comical role, with his performance being the most entertaining of the series so far.

The first instalment was certainly an interesting one and with the scene set, Close to the Enemy looks set to be a real nail-biter.

Close to the Enemy continues on BBC Two on Thursday at 9pm.

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