Blind Date: Meet the first contestants looking for love in the Channel 5 reboot TONIGHT

Fronted by Paul O’Grady, the series will see a return to the classic dating show but with a renewed format and a host of new singles looking for love, and a new trailer released earlier this month shared clips of the first episode.

Contestants include a man with a “massive beard and a “very desperate” woman who turns up to the studio wearing a wedding dress.

So far, episode one initially sees 29-year-old insurance company manager Debbie looking for love after a painful loss overshadows her past. The smiley blonde has no shortage of suitors ready to step up to the plate.

The three men vying for a chance to win Debbie’s affections are Londoner Ryan, 36, 25-year-old holiday rep JJ who enters with a man bun and various tattoos, and Spanish guitar player Richard, 27, from Bristol. 

Who the singleton chooses remains a surprise but the second person hoping to have success in the dating department, with Paul’s expert help, is dapper fitness salesman Damian from Rugby. The 34-year-old is also about to enter a national beard competition for his lengthy lock of hair dangling from his chin, and turns up sporting a bright red tie.

The suitors this time around are a bit wilder than the previous offering, as the three women competing for the spot encourage each other to do various tricks on-stage, while cheeky Damian sits behind the famous screen.

The women are made up of 34-year-old Londoner Lesley, who claims to seek a “long-term submissive love”, Irish Cara, who needs help abandoning gay bars and searching for a match elsewhere, and Charlotte, also from London, a self-proclaimed Game of Thrones fanatic. 

The series looks set to revamp the dating show formula by going back to basics but will attempt to keep the attention of the fussy Tinder generation, and as Paul O’Grady was a close friend of the late legend Cilla Black, it seems natural that he should be trusted to take the mantle from his beloved predecessor.

Meanwhile, for the first time since it’s original premiere in 1985, the iconic series will bring on LGBT contestants looking for their Mr or Miss Right.

Blind Date starts tonight at 7pm on Channel 5.

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