BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood reveals she gets distracted by THIS while presenting

The 55-year-old told how her beloved soap always gets in the way while she is trying to focus on giving out correct forecasts.

Known for her daily eye-catching outfits, Carol explained that the crew in the TV gallery are to blame.

Speaking to, Carol said: “When I’m talking to the camera in the studio, it feels like I’m talking to one person even though there might be 10 million watching.

“And the other funny thing is we have what we call ‘talkback’. We wear earpieces that are linked up to the director in the gallery who talks to us and tells us how much longer we’ve got.

“Sometimes we get drawn into open talkback which is when you hear everything that’s said by everyone in the gallery.”

The broadcaster continued: “So you’ll be going through your weather forecast and somebody says, ‘Would anyone like some tea?’ and you think, ‘Yes, I would!’ and find you can’t actually say that.

“Or, ‘What happened last Night in EastEnders? Why did Sharon do this?’ and I think, ‘I know, but I can’t tell you!’ It is kind of like that. You get distracted but you have to keep it going.”

Carol also told her fans just why her viewers find her forecasts so easy to digest.

She added: “I think it’s about good memory and also having an understanding about what you’re talking about.

“If you understand what you’re talking about then it’s easier to convey.”

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